Stay Propa Deadly Online

Stay Propa Deadly Online

The “Stay Propa Deadly Online” campaign is aimed at helping Mob learn how to stay safe in the online world. It includes education on identifying computer viruses, not speaking to strangers, creating a deadly password and how to handle online bullies.

The campaign also encourages having a healthy relationship with the online world by providing tips on how to know when they need to log off and what to do when social media affects mental wellbeing.

The campaign is complimented by Deadly Choices’ Healthy Lifestyle education programs where students learn how to be strong and deadly in all areas of life, including with their online safety.  

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Did you know Deadly Choices is on TikTok? Have a look at these deadly videos and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about online safety.

Advice for parents and guardians

Our Deadly Choices Ambassadors share their tips on how to help your family Stay Propa Deadly Online.

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Is your phone changing your brain?

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How do you help your child with online bullies?

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Make a Deadly Choice and log off!

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Be Propa Deadly Online!

Tech Tips

There are so many ways to keep your Mob safe online! Our Ambassadors share their Tech Tips to help you and your family become Propa Deadly Online.


Chief Technology Officer of Supply Nation certified IT security organisation Baidam Solutions, Craig Ford, shares his tips on staying safe online with the Deadly Choices Radio team.

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Learn how to be Propa Deadly Online.

Online Safety Messages

What we do online impacts more than just ourselves. Learning how to be Propa Deadly Online keeps us all safe and happy. For more information on how to be Propa Deadly Online visit


Deadly Choices' Stay Propa Deadly online campaign and online safety education program is proudly supported by Australia's eSafety Commissioner.