What is a Health Check?

The main goal of Deadly Choices is to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to access their local health service and complete an annual ‘Health Check.’

The focus is on preventative health – encouraging community to not just see the doctor when they are sick, but to visit their health service and access support to prevent or better manage their chronic disease and remain healthy.

Focusing on the biggest contributors to chronic disease – smoking or tobacco use, physical activity and nutrition – is critical to closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

With a higher susceptibility to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart, lung and kidney diseases, it’s even more important for community to reduce the potential for and impacts of chronic diseases. Getting a health check regularly is the first step.

Having a Health Check every 9-12 months means a clinic can build a picture of health and measure changes in a client’s wellbeing – helping to prevent chronic disease from become reality, and reducing the impact of existing chronic disease, while providing ongoing health management and support.

To encourage mob to participate, IUIH and licensees, provide clients with a free Deadly Choices shirt. These shirts change yearly, with a variety offered to attract different audiences.