Sharks making Deadly Choices

A 12-month grant secured through the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network (PHN) will see the Sharks reinforce their partnership with Deadly Choices, promoting healthy lifestyles for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples via education and health initiatives throughout the local community.

Building on what is already a strong relationship between Sharks Have Heart and the respected Deadly Choices national preventative health arm, the grant will fund a dedicated co-ordinator to deliver programs and local community events throughout the Shire.

Deadly Choices aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make healthy choices for themselves and their families by not smoking, eating good food and exercising daily.

Deadly Choices connects community with the appropriate health services and implements safeguards against the development of chronic disease.

Individuals are encouraged to access local primary healthcare providers within the Central & Eastern Sydney PHN footprint, undergo a comprehensive health check and upon completion select a Sharks Deadly Choices shirt.

In Aboriginal slang, if something is ‘deadly’ it is great. As such a Deadly Choice is a good choice, and community are encouraged to make such choices every day.

The Sharks Deadly Choices program will further connect the Sharks with the local Indigenous community, while aligning with Sharks Have Heart’s current programs and initiatives, falling into the pillar of Inclusivity and Diversity.

Founded in 2015, Sharks Have Heart strongly believes in its corporate citizenship and social responsibility as they strive to make a significant contribution and a real difference. 

The aim is to inspire, engage, educate and endorse equality within our community while being recognised as a world class community engagement and social impact organisation.

The three Sharks Have Heart pillars are Inclusivity and Diversity, Social Impact and Have Heart.