Deadly Places, Smoke-Free Spaces™

Make your places Deadly, Smoke-Free Spaces!

Deadly Places, Smoke-Free Spaces is aimed at reducing the prevalence of tobacco smoking. It includes smoke-free policies, smoking cessation and nicotine dependence education, and support programs for staff and their families.

It also encourages creating and identifying smoke-free spaces – including workplaces, houses and cars to increase health and wellbeing in the community.

Visit your local participating Aboriginal Medical Service and sign the pledge to make your places Deadly, Smoke-Free Spaces

Sign the Deadly Places, Smoke-Free Spaces pledge to let everyone know your car is a deadly, Smoke-Free Space. 

Doing so will allow you to show support for your team with a limited edition NRL - Deadly Choices bumper sticker, plus you’ll be in the draw to win a healthy shopping voucher at your local fruit and vegetable store.

Simply visit your local participating Aboriginal Medical Service to sign the Pledge and yarn with the DC Team!