Deadly Choices Sistas

Developed by the Wirrpanda Foundation, Deadly Choices Sistas engages female role models to empower and enable young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women (between the ages of 12 and 17) to make informed decisions about their personal health and wellbeing, leading to a positive and healthy lifestyle.

The mentoring program runs in a limited number of secondary schools in Brisbane, and is designed to

  • build self-esteem and confidence
  • build pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity
  • enable practical cultural contribution in the community
  • promote positive social interactions
  • build relationships based on mutual respect
  • encourage active self-development
  • enable yarning about sexual and women’s health, drug and alcohol abuse, road safety, nutrition, financial literacy, and healthy relationships.

Deadly Choices Sistas engages with vulnerable girls, particularly those impacted by youth suicide and teenage pregnancy, and empowers girls to make positive choices through increased school attendance, employment opportunities, and pastoral support.