Why become a Licensee?

Arguably Australia’s most recognised Indigenous owned and Indigenous created brand, Deadly Choices is at the heart of a behaviour change campaign that has seen more and more Indigenous people take responsibility for their own health.

By raising awareness of healthy lifestyle choices and increasing the number of Indigenous people seeking health checks, Deadly Choices has made a real difference in closing the health and life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

A Deadly Choices licence gives you access to this valuable brand as well as proven and easily implementable behaviour change programs that can change lives for the better.

More than a brand

Deadly Choices is more than a brand. It incorporates successful behaviour change programs that include

  • Proven methods to increase new client and returning client numbers at Community Controlled Health Services.
  • Structured and ready to implement schools and community education programs.
  • Structured and ready to implement Tobacco Action programs.
  • Proven methods to develop and increase the Indigenous health and education workforce.

A Deadly Choices licence offers your organisation the same opportunity to grow and maintain your client base, both improving the health of your Indigenous community and your business bottom line.

As a Deadly Choices licensee you can leverage the power of the brand and access Deadly Choices merchandise – including the coveted Deadly Choices jerseys – to encourage regular health checks and build a sustainable practice.

Aside from the obvious health benefits to Indigenous clients, increased Health Checks, help build a sustainable financial structure for Community Controlled Health Services. The additional income from the MBS scheme can be used to reinvest in services and build a stronger Indigenous workforce.