What does a Licence entail?

Deadly Choices licences are available for organisations committed to making a positive difference in the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in their community and across Australia.

As a licensee you are an ambassador for the Deadly Choices brand and will be responsible for maintaining the values of the brand and to adhere to the proper implementation of its healthy lifestyle programs.

A Deadly way to empower young people and communities

The Deadly Choices Education program is a chronic disease prevention and education course developed by the Deadly Choices team to empower young people and communities to make healthy choices.

The program covers seven key health areas: leadership, chronic disease, nutrition, substance misuse, smoking cessation, sexual health as well as health literacy and access.

The program was developed to be delivered in almost any community setting including high schools, health groups and youth centres. The content is simple and easily adaptable to a group’s specific needs.

The Deadly Choices Team will work with you to get your program up and running. Program educational materials, including reporting and recording structures are all supplied and can be co-branded.

A Deadly way to raise your profile

A Deadly Choices licence will provide the opportunity to raise your profile through association with a brand that is universally recognised amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Queensland and beyond.

Your organisation’s profile will benefit directly and indirectly through

  • high profile Deadly Choice Ambassadors
  • state-wide advertising campaigns featuring Deadly Choice Ambassadors
  • support on how to establish successful community open days
  • social media platforms with over 32,000 community followers
  • access to online “Healthy Lifestyles” content such as Good Quick Tukka
  • key corporate partners including the Brisbane Broncos, Gold Coast Titans, Brisbane Lions, Gold Coast Suns, the QRL, and the NRL
  • co-branded merchandise, including the highly-sought after Deadly Choices jersey.

A Deadly way to tackle smoking

A key component of a Deadly Choices Licence package, is Tobacco Action – a multi-faceted initiative designed to drive down smoking rates, a key contributor to chronic disease and early deaths amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Tobacco Action programs focus on skilling your workforce to advise and support clients through quit attempts.

The Deadly Choices Team will provide the support and tools you need to hit the ground running and implement proven Tobacco Action programs that include

  • Deadly Places, Smoke-Free Spaces
  • Smoking Tobacco Mind, Body and Spirit Workshop
  • Tobacco Wellness Clinic

Make your Deadly Choice

To maximise the potential of a Deadly Choices licence, in addition to your financial investment, you will need

  • an appropriate, dedicated team in place for the delivery of the Deadly Choices Education Program
  • services, products, or activities, that are conducive to promoting a healthy lifestyle for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • a commitment to invest MBS or other government funding from Deadly Choices initiatives into health services for the Indigenous community.

The Deadly Choices Team will assist you in laying the groundwork for the successful uptake of your licence.

A Deadly Choices licence puts a powerful brand and proven, easy to implement behaviour change programs in your hands. Whether it’s to encourage more Health Checks, take tobacco action, or deliver the Deadly Choices Education Program in schools and communities, partnering with Deadly Choices can help you make a difference.

The Deadly Choices Team is ready to help you make that difference. To find out more, contact Deadly Choices today

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Business Development Manager
(07) 3828 3600

Sean Yorston
Business Development Officer
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