Broncos jersey 2019

Broncos 2019 Jersey | Artist: Elaine Chambers

Elaine Chambers-Hegarty is an Indigenous Graphic Designer and Artist - with  cultural links to the Koa and Kuku Yalanji people.

The art piece is a combination of markings that represent the Brisbane area around Suncorp Stadium. With an old entry coin to Lang Park as inspiration, the artist decided to make the stadium the central area and sacred grounds, with the image of the Brisbane Rivers winding path sitting over the area.

The artist chose to use the Broncos colours, and the main gathering circle is designed to represent the origins of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that have played for Broncos over the years. She also chose to use 13 to represent 13 players on the rugby league field.

Central area: Represents the area that the stadium is situated. Sacred grounds.

White across the middle: Represents the Brisbane river and it’s significance to us all. Whether it be for food source, or leisure, it is a dominant mass of water for our city.

Centre artwork piece: This represents the areas of our nation and where our people come from. We are all different, but united as one, which is the circle or gathering place. It also represents the indigenous people that have played for Broncos over the years, and how they are from different areas/nations.

Curved artpieces: They are placed in as the mountains or hills of the land - so they are the highs and lows of our lives.

Lines and dots on curved areas: Represent the flow of families together and the growth onto the next generations of rising stars.