Tamika Upton


Current superstar of the NRLW competition, Tamika Upton is a welcome addition to the Deadly Choices Ambassador team. 

The Barada woman is enjoying a meteoric rise among the rugby league ranks, having secured back-to-back Premiership titles with the Brisbane Broncos and becoming a key strike weapon for Queensland in the Women’s State of Origin. 

Growing up in and around Central Queensland, Tamika enjoyed junior league competition out of Blackwater and Emerald, before returning to her hometown of Rockhampton. 

Tamika recounts a childhood of memorable moments which eventually translated into multiple sporting representative honours, including Australian Women’s Touch and Queensland Cowboys NRL Touch duties in 2017, before turning out in the senior women’s league ranks with the Yeppoon Seagulls the following year, ultimately plotting a course towards the NRLW, plus State and National representation in open competition.