Tameriah Barney-Sandy: Boxer

Tameriah’s Deadly Choice: To exercise for at least 60 minutes a day, eat well and be respectful

Tameriah "the Golden Girl" Barney-Sandy is an up and coming boxer. Her mobs are Wakka Wakka, Mununjali, Kullalli, Wooperburra, and Bunjalung. 

She's already got a host of titles to her name, including:

  • 1 x Australian title
  • 2 x Silver Australian titles
  • 4 x Queensland titles
  • 3 x Australian Golden Gloves titles
  • 2 x South East Queensland titles
  • 1 x Wide Bay title

Tameriah has also represented Queensland against New Zealand.

She hopes to compete in both the Commonwealth Games and Olympics in the future.

Favourite healthy meal: Coconut curry chicken with rice.
Favourite exercise: Boxing. 

Follow Tameriah:
Facebook: @Tameriah "The Golden Girl" Barney Sandy