Tallisha Harden: NRLW player

Tallisha's Deadly Choice: Making sure I get enough sleep

Tallisha Harden is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman, who grew up in Logan City. She has represented Australia in Indoor Volleyball, Rugby League, Rugby 7s and Rugby 9s.

After taking time off to overcome a serious injury, Tallisha has recently been named as a member of the inaugural top 40 elite female rugby league players in Australia.

Not only is she successful with her sporting career she has also graduated her Speech Pathology degree at UQ, and works with IUIH as a speech pathologist, working closely with families and individual’s to improve communication.

Tallisha enjoys building a strong relationship with these families and individuals, aiming to improve everyday life and make everyday activities a little easier for everyone.

Tallisha says, “Its deadly working with IUIH and being able to give back to community and mob! I’m a proud Indigenous woman and love meeting and getting to know so many different wonderful families and hearing their stories.”

She believes that everyone is on their own unique journey and she is glad to be a part of their progress. Growing up, she was fortunate to be surrounded by very strong people who were role models in her life. Now as a role model herself she wants to utilise her position as a Deadly Choices ambassador to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage mob to make Deadly Choices. “I’m really grateful for the opportunity and take it very seriously! I love being a part of the DC family and hopefully together we can help our mob live healthier lives.”

Tallisha believes that any goals can be accomplished with hard work and determination. “I’ve definitely never been the fastest or fittest, the strongest or smartest, but I’ve always tried to work hard, whether it be studying, playing sport or working as speech pathologist.”

Favourite healthy meal: Stirfry with lots of veggies, particularly broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas and capsicum.
Favourite exercise: Hill sprints and stair running.

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