Callum Ah Chee: AFL player

Callum's Deadly Choice: Expressing the importance of health to our people and providing advice on making better decisions in day-to-day life.

Callum Ah Chee was born in Derby, Western Australia and is a part of the Noongar and Pinjarup, Nyikina & Yawuru Mobs.

Taken at pick 8 in the 2015 NAB AFL Draft to the Gold Coast SUNS he has currently played 40 games and is establishing himself as strong utility.

"As an elite athlete, I am provided with a fantastic platform to have a positive impact on the Indigenous community on the Gold Coast", says Callum.

"Being a DC ambassador allows me to connect to the Indigenous community and have a positive impact through helping people make better life decisions surrounding their health. I feel that I have an opportunity to help express the Importance of health to our people and provide advice on making better decisions in day to day life". 

Favourite healthy meal: My partner's lasagna before a game, or her vegetarian pasta.

Favourite exercise: I love training with the team out on the track. I'm extremely privileged to be able to play sport for a living. 

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