Brandi Alberts: Rising star of triathlon

Brandi’s Deadly Choice: Eating nutritious food so that I can be the best athlete I can be

Brandi is from Hervey Bay. She is a rising star of Triathlon with podium finishes at triathlon and duathlon World Championship events. She has represented Queensland at Triathlon and Road Cycling Championships, and has been awarded Junior Sportsman of the Year, Junior Female Sportsman of the Year, Triathlete of the Year, and Indigenous Sportsperson of the Year.

Brandi is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a professional triathlete.

Brandi is driven, working hard at everything she does. Whether it’s studying at uni, training, preparing meals, or competing, Brandi knows the importance of giving it your all and persevering if you want success.

Brandi also works with Deadly Choices partnered Community Controlled Health Service Galangoor Duwalami Primary Healthcare.

Favourite healthy meal: Salmon and salad.
Favourite exercise: Swimming, cycling and running.

Follow Brandi:
Facebook: @branditriathlete
Instagram: @brandi.alberts