Brand and incentives

Deadly Choices is arguably Australia’s most recognised Indigenous-owned and Indigenous-created brand, and is at the heart of behaviour change.

By raising awareness of healthy lifestyle choices and increasing the number of Indigenous people seeking health checks, Deadly Choices has made a real difference in closing the health and life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Available evidence shows that incentives provided directly to patients are effective when linked to simple procedures, such as preventative health checks, screening, or immunisation.

As such, to encourage mob to take a preventative approach to their health, IUIH and licensee clinics provide clients with a free Deadly Choices shirt after they’ve had their 715 Health Check. These shirts change annually, with a small variety offered to attract different audiences.

Incentives are also offered for flu vaccination, participation in the Deadly Choices Education Program, smoking cessation appointments, and follow up appointments with Allied Health staff.

These incentives cannot be purchased – the only way to get them is to participate in the various preventative health activities each year.